• Snow Mold


    Snow mold is most common to Kentucky Bluegrass and Fescues in regions where snow falls and sits on the lawn for extended periods of time.

    Microdochium Patch (Pink Snow Mold)


    • Yellow, tan, or salmon-colored water-soaked patches that measure 1 to 8 inches or more in diameter. 
    • Pale pink around the edges.
    • Spores are produced in white or salmon-colored sporodochia that are found on the dead tissue.
    • Blighting can occur in streaks caused by spores tracking on the wheels of the equipment. 

    Conditions Favoring Disease

    • Favors temperatures of less than 60°F
    • More severe where snow has fallen on unfrozen soil or in cold, rainy weather.
    • Microdochium nivale is commonly called Fusarium Patches in the absence of snow cover - but the casual organism is the same.