• Dandelion (Taraxacum)

    Dandelions have a bright yellow flower, a group of small flowers tightly grouped together. The bright yellow flower is called a floret, followed by "puffballs" or "blowballs" when the dandelions turn white. These white puffballs are made of seeds that are carried by the wind over long distances. Dandelions are prolific seeders, originally native to Europe and Asia they are now well established in most of the world. Expect it to take three or more visits of weed control per year to effectively get rid of dandelions, after daytime temperatures hit 70 degrees dandelions will keep growing and they aren't all on the same life-cycle so there will be new flowers and seeds to deal with throughout the year. 

  • Interesting Facts About Dandelions

    • There are two kinds of dandelions that are both edible.
    • The word dandelion means “lion’s tooth” in French, from the phrase "dent de lion".
    • The world record tallest dandelion measured officially at 70 in. dried.
    • Dandelions don't need to be pollinated to form seeds.
    • Each dandelion plant can produce up to 5,000 seeds per year.
    • Dandelion seeds can travel more than half a kilometer from the plant before germinating.
    • Dandelions are able to germinate as much as 9 years later after going to seed.
  • Dandelion Control Methods

    Dandelions fall under the category of broadleaf weeds, because they emerge with pronounced leaves unlike grasses. It's important with herbicides to always follow the container label carefully or to leave mixing and application of chemicals up to professionally certified applicators so you can remove any doubt about the correct rates and application methods on your lawn. The recommended treatment used for dandelions is a selective postemergence herbicide. Expect results to take at least 3-4 treatments per year and over multiple years to achieve dandelion control on your lawn. Spring Touch recommends our 6 step lawn care program to remove dandelions from your lawn and thicken up your existing turfgrass.

  • How To Get Rid Of Dandelions
    The most effective way to get rid of dandelions is to promote thick turfgrass to cover the ground. Vigorous root growth and established turfgrass will help make your lawn resistant against weeds. Often times changing mowing or watering patterns can help promote turfgrass growth. Granular fertilizers and liquid weed control applications will also help turfgrass dominate the lawn and prevent undesirable weeds. Spring Touch offers our customers a customized lawn care program. The program can use professional control methods, organic products, or a hybrid professional/organic approach. Note that the organic lawn care program does not provide weed control. For more information call 507-388-9100 or go to our customer assistant website to get a free instant quote on your lawn care program today.

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