• Lawn Care Program

  • Lawn Care Program

    Our Lawn Care Program is suited to fit your lawn's individual needs. We will help you identify the most effective techniques to care for your lawn. We offer a variety of services including: weed control, fertilization, crabgrass control, core aeration, and lawn disease control. 

  • Why Spring Touch?

    We want you to have a great experience with our company. We strive daily to give you professional, quality treatments. We pride ourselves on our team of trained and certified lawn care specialists and considerate customer service professionals ready to take your calls.

  • 1.  Timing

    Much of the success of a lawn care program depends upon applying the proper product at the right time. We know your lawn's growing cycles and have developed a timetable for proper nutrition, weed control, and disease control. By timing our applications, we are able to keep your lawn looking nice and healthy, while preventing possible problems.

    2.  Fertilization

    Just as a balanced diet works best for people, the same is true of lawns - they need balanced fertilization to remain healthy. With properly timed fertilization, your lawn will maintain good color, density, and vigor. We apply top quality, slow-release balanced fertilizers specially formulated for your grass type in order to supplement the natural nutrients of your soil.

  • 3.  Crabgrass

    Crabgrass can quickly choke your lawn if not controlled. We apply a pre-emergent herbicide during step 2, which will prevent most crabgrass from germinating in the spring and early summer then we follow up with a post-emergent herbicide during Steps 3 & 4.

    4.  Broadleaf Weeds

    There are many types of broadleaf weeds, such as dandelions, clover, thistles, and creeping charlie, just to name a few. These weeds, if present, will be carefully sprayed with an effective post-emergent herbicide during Steps 2, 3, 4, and 5.

    5.  Core Aeration

    Core aeration is one of the most beneficial treatments available for your lawn. Aeration helps control thatch, improves the soil structure, helps create growth pockets for new roots, and opens the way for water and fertilizer to reach the root zone of your lawn. Annual or semi-annual aeration is advised for all lawns on heavy clay soils, those with a thatch buildup, and any lawn that needs to be "thickened up."

  • The Spring Touch Program

    Our lawn care program has been specially formulated to meet your lawn's individual needs in order to achieve a beautiful lush weed-free lawn. Here is a description that we recommend for your lawn:

    Here are the 6 treatments that are necessary to give you the green, weed-free lawn you are expecting:

  • Step 1:  April - May

    • Pre-emergent crabgrass control fertilizer (granular)

    Step 2:  May - June

    • Dandelion and broadleaf weed control (liquid)
    • Pre-emergent crabgrass control (liquid)

    Step 3:  June - July

    • Pre-emergent crabgrass control fertilizer (granular)
    • Broadleaf weed control (liquid)

    Step 4:  July - August

    • Dandelion and broadleaf weed control (liquid)
    • Post-emergent crabgrass control (liquid)
  • Step 5:  August - September

    • Dandelion and broadleaf weed control (liquid)
    • Post-emergent crabgrass control (liquid)

    Step 6:  September - October

    • Fertilizer (granular)
    • Spot spray of broadleaf weed control (liquid)

    Highly Recommended:

    Spring/Fall Core Aeration or

    Core Aeration & Seeding

    Core aeration is the removal of small cores of soil that allow air, moisture, and fertilizer to penetrate deep down into the root zone  of your lawn. Aeration helps your lawn breathe better and stay green longer.

  • Granular Fertilizer Applications

    Spring Touch 17-0-6 fertilizer is based on an organic highly concentrated biosolid product. Our biosolid fertilizer is comparable to other biosolid fertilizers on the market, except while most widely used biosolid fertilizers are class A, our biosolids are 100% germ free class EQ, "exceptional quality", the safest biosolid products on the market. Slow release, evenly sized particles will feed the turf up to 10 weeks while the extra concentrated iron content quickly turns grass a vibrant green. Our specialized formula is high in organic nitrogen and 12 other nutrients including 3% calcium 1% sulfer and 1% magnesium. This clearly makes our Spring Touch specialty blend fertilizer the best biosolid fertilizer in the lawn care industry. 

    Spring Touch biosolid fertilizer is used as a standalone product for our organic lawn care program and is combined with a special pre-emergent weed control formula in our professional lawn care fertilizer. Many fertilizers on the market today use 80% or more filler that contains no active ingredients. Spring Touch's special fertilizer uses all biosolid material instead of filler, this adds organic matter into the soil and improves the health and quality of your soil with every single application.

  • Weed Control Applications

    Weed Control Services
    The most effective way to get rid of weeds is to promote thick turfgrass to cover the ground. Vigorous root growth will help establish the lawn which will make it resistant against weeds. Often times changing mowing or watering patterns can help promote turfgrass growth. Granular fertilizers and liquid weed control applications will also help turfgrass dominate the lawn and prevent undesirable weeds. Spring Touch offers our customers a customized lawn care program. The program can use professional control methods, organic products, or a hybrid professional/organic approach. Note that the organic lawn care program does not provide weed control. For more information call 507-388-9100 or go to our customer assistant website to get a free instant quote on your lawn care program today.

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