Preparing Your Lawn For Winter

As the warm summer nights begin to disappear and front porches fill with autumn leaves and pumpkins, it’s time to officially prepare your lawn for winter. 

After spending the spring and summer taking care of your turf, it can be easy to forget or think your lawn doesn’t need special treatment to prepare for a cold and frozen winter.

Here are a few simple tips to help your lawn prepare for winter!

  1. Apply winter fertilizer during the fall

Providing your lawn with essential nutrients, during the fall, is vital in having a healthy lawn come spring.  Fall fertilizers help replace nutrients that were lost during the hot summer months.  It also provides much needed nutrients to your lawns root system during the winter months.

When spring arrives, your lawn will continue to grow lush and healthy from the nutrients it received during the winter. 

  1. Remove debris and objects from lawn

Doing a fall clean up and removing all branches, sticks and objects, like lawn furniture, can help prevent dead spots.  The weight of these items will inhibit the growth of your lawn and prevent thin areas.

  1. Remove leaves

Make sure to rake and remove all leaves before the snow arrives.  Any leaves that are left on the grass can cause snow mold and other issues come spring.  It’s best to do a final rake once all the leaves have fallen on your property.

  1. Aerate and/or Seed

Fall is the perfect time aerate and seed your lawn.  Aerating your lawn during the fall allows pockets of air and nutrients to penetrate the surface of your soil to help your lawns root system.  This allows it to breathe and receive nutrients in the root system before the ground is frozen.

If your lawn needs seeding, fall is the perfect time to seed.  We recommend broadcasting seed after an aeration has been performed to allow the grass seed to penetrate the soil.