• Mosquito Control

  • Mosquito Control

    Enjoy Being Outdoors Without Mosquito Bites

    Your home is your personal sanctuary, your refuge from the world. You've worked hard to create a place that your family can enjoy. So when you want to take in the enjoyment of your own yard, landscaping, patio, or pool, have fun with the kids and pets or parties with adults, you deserve to do so in complete comfort. For all that you've put in to your yard and patio, you shouldn't have to be at the mercy of annoying mosquitos and their painful bites. Spring Touch mosquito control will effectively reduce mosquitos and other insects from your yard.

  • Upon inspection, we thoroughly treat your property by carefully applying mosquito control products around the borders and on shaded areas, trees, bushes, and breeding sites where mosquitos congregate that will keep mosquitos under controlled for 28 days or more. Our trained and certified professionals also provide recommendations to minimize conditions which are conducive to infestations.


    Now you can reclaim your backyard and enjoy your time outdoors ALL SEASON LONG!

  • How To Get Rid of Mosquitos

  • Mosquitos

    Mosquitos Mosquitos, like all flies, go through a four stage life cycle: egg, larva, pupa, and adult. Adult females are able to bite animals to obtain nutrients and lay eggs. Mosquitos are a nuisance during the late spring and summer especially near dusk where they become active in swarms seeking a meal. Mosquitos lay their eggs in stagnant water. Some breed in marshes, natural reservoirs, and accumulated rain water. This can lead to significant number of mosquitos appearing after ...

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  • Mosquito Control
    Spring Touch can help you get rid of mosquitos around your home with our mosquito control program. One of our trained and certified technicians will make five applications per year to the trees and bushes of your home to contact mosquitos that are looking for shade and resting during the day. After the first application mosquitos will start to disappearing for 28 days or longer. Expect to receive five applications per year to achieve long term mosquito control that can last all year round.
  • Our 5-Step Program

    Step 1:  Late Spring Application

    Step 2:  Early Summer Application

    Step 3:  Mid-Summer Application

    Step 4:  Late Summer Application

    Step 5:  Fall Application

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    Our 5-step program will greatly reduce mosquitos in the area of your property. If you're planning an event ask a customer service representative about our Special Event Application that provides a mosquito-free zone, ensuring the comfort of you and your guests during weddings, gatherings, and outdoor events. Call us now at 507-388-9100 or login to your account online to Get A Free Instant Quote on your mosquito control program today!

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