• Perimeter Insect Control

  • Perimeter Insect Control

    Keep The Bugs OUT!

    Spiders, ants, Asian beetles, and millipedes, etc., will be looking for food and shelter soon. Don't let your house be the target!

    Protect Your Home

    We apply an insect control 5 times a year around the border of your home to prevent entry of crawling insects such as spiders, ants, millipedes, crickets, box elder bugs, and lady bugs (Asian beetles). We treat all the "bug doorways" to keep the insects out of your home.

    Our 5-Step Program

    Let us help you enjoy your home all summer long by treating the perimeter of your house to keep the bugs out of your living area. Our product is safe, odorless, and highly effective. Our application leaves a residue that keeps on killing unwanted insects for upwards of 25 days.

    Step 1:  Early Spring Application
    Step 2:  Late Spring Application
    Step 3:  Summer Application
    Step 4:  Late Summer Application
    Step 5:  Fall Application