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    Save Time.

    An automatic sprinkler system takes the work and worry out of watering your lawn. You can forget about tripping over sprinklers, fixing leaky faucets, and hauling hoses around the yard. While you enjoy your free time, your lawn enjoys the right amount of water, in the right spots, at the right time.

    Save Money.

    How many times have you forgotten to water your lawn then over-watered only to end up with brown spots and muddy puddles, damaging your lawn and expensive plant materials? An automatic sprinkler system can end those mishaps, protecting and extending the life of your landscape. You will add value to your home while saving money on your water bill.

    Save Water.

    All of us must do our part, and the place to start is with the most precious natural resource of all - water. If you're like most homeowners, you are using up to 50% more water than your landscape requires. The solution isn't just watering less, but watering more efficiently. This means using the right amount of water, evenly distributed, in the right place at the right time. A Spring Touch sprinkler system makes that possible. Our sprinkler systems are totally automatic. The system is primarily made up of five parts: controller, valves, sprinkler heads, rain sensors, and weather stations. 


    The controller automatically regulates valve and sprinkler operations. It is usually mounted on the garage wall, either inside or out. A reliable controller means that you can always water at the optimum time of day, in early morning, when the air is cool and still and evaporation is at its lowest.

    rainbird esp me sprinkler controller


    Sprinkler valves regulate the water flow to the sprinkler heads. They play a vital role in the efficiency of your sprinkler system. The experts at Spring Touch know just how to set and adjust these valves for optimal performance. 

    Sprinkler Heads

    Sprinkler heads apply water at steady rates to your lawn. Standard (head-to-head coverage), overlapping spray patterns provide exact, even coverage across the entire lawn.

    Rain Sensors and Weather Stations

    Whether you anticipate rain or not, our rain sensors will make your controller weather-wise by automatically shutting it down when it rains, and starting it up again when it dries out. This will eliminate over and under watering, while also saving on your water bill.

    Drip Irrigation

    Drip irrigation is the slow application of water directly to the plants' root zone. Drip irrigation helps maintain the root zone's ideal moisture level, encouraging the formation of deeper roots and more abundant foliage, as well as saving water with reduced evaporation and runoff. Drip irrigation can also be used in home gardening and vegetable gardens. 

    Sprinkler Maintenance

    Step 1:  Spring Start-Up:

    After the cold winter, it is time to turn on the water and check the pipes, valves, and sprinkler heads.

    Step 2:  Mid-Season Inspection:

    Throughout the year, concerns can arise with your sprinkler system. We inspect your entire sprinkler system for leaks and sprinkler head and valve damage. 

    Step 3:  Fall Winterization:

    Nothing is worse for pipes than freezing water. We blow out your sprinkler system to make sure the water is out of the lines. We also handle other end-of-the-year needs such as turning off the water and making sure the sprinkler heads and valves are ready for winter.

    Save $50 on sprinkler maintenance when you sign up for our 3-Step Maintenance Program (new customers only).