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    Services FAQ

    Are the products and services guaranteed?

    Services are 100% guaranteed for customers who are on a full program. If you are unhappy with your application we will reapply for free if you let us know within 15 days after the treatment, but no sooner than three days after the treatment needed for the application to take effect. 

    How long should I wait to go on the lawn?

    Families and pets can return to service area immediately after the lawn is fertilized or two hours after the lawn has been sprayed for weeds with herbicides. The time of the application can be found on the invoice hung on your door.

    Should I water my lawn after application?

    Do not water for two hours following liquid weed control applications. The treatment is a water-based chemical so water shouldn't greatly effect the performance and quality of the product, but two hours dry-time is recommended. Please water the lawn if there is no more than a quarter inch of rain within 24 hours after fertilization. 

    How long should I wait to mow my lawn?

    You can mow immediately after aeration or fertilization. Please stay off the lawn and allow two hours dry-time before mowing or watering. The time of the application can be found on the invoice. 

    When are applications applied?

    Timing of lawn applications is key and each round will happen within a 30-45 day window. Services will typically be spread 4-6 weeks apart, you may get two services closer together if you get one service at the end of a round and one service at the beginning of the next round, but applications will never be scheduled out of the seasonal time frame that will guarantee the performance of the product and quality of the service.

    How do I renew my service?

    Services are set to auto-renewal by default, you can notify customer service at any time if you wish to opt-out of auto-renewal. We also send three postcard reminders during the off-season that you can reply to if you would like to opt-out of services for the following year.