• Services

  • Lawn Care Program

    Finally, you can get the lawn you've always wanted! SIGN UP TODAY for our 5-Application Lawn Care Program and get the 1ST APPLICATION FREE. Save even more when you prepay for your lawn care services! Let us help you achieve the beautiful, weed-free lawn you've always wanted!
    (Optional Additional Service: Spring/Fall Core Aeration)

  • Aeration and Seeding

    Aeration and Seeding is greatly beneficial on an ecological basis for the lawn. Aeration and seeding supports vigorous root growth and helps promote turf expansion. This is the number one recommended way to establish turf that will reclaim territory from broadleaf and grassy weeds and help thicken up a thinning lawn.

  • Organic Lawn Care Program

    The Spring Touch Organic Lawn Care Program will give you the beautiful lawn you desire, while limiting your environmental footprint. New customers receive your 1ST APPLICATION FREE when you sign up for our 5-Application Program.
    (Optional Additional Service: Spring/Fall Core Aeration)

  • Perimeter Insect Control

    Keep the bugs out of your living area! Let us treat a 4-6 foot perimeter around your home to keep your living area bug free. Your 1ST APPLICATION FREE for new customers signing up for our 4-Step Perimeter Insect Control Program.

  • Mosquito Flea & Tick Control

    Mosquitoes can ruin an otherwise pleasurable day in the yard. Take back your outdoor living space with Mosquito, Flea & Tick Control Program that gets results! Call today for your FREE estimate. The 1ST APPLICATION IS FREE for new customers when you sign up for our 5 application program. 

  • Mole & Grub Control

    Grubs cause severe lawn damage not only by eating your lawn's roots, but also by attracting other animals such as moles and voles that tear up your lawn looking for the grubs. Call Spring Touch for Mole & Grub Control in southern Minnesota. 

  • Lawn Disease Control

    Your lawn is susceptible to many different types of diseases and once established they can be devastating. Give Spring Touch a call and let us help get your lawn healthy again. 

  • Sprinkler Installation

    A new sprinkler system will save you both time and money. Regular maintenance and check-ups to your irrigation system will help keep it running at peak performance and also save you money on your water bill. Give Spring Touch a call for a FREE estimate and for annual maintenance pricing. 

  • Mankato Snow & Ice Service

    Winter comes with beautiful snowflakes... until a billion of them land on your driveway and walkways. Snow can be an incredible nuisance. Wouldn't you rather sleep in and have someone take care of the snow for you? Don't worry! Spring Touch offers a full-service snow & Ice program to suit your needs. Driveways start for as little as $24.95 per time. Give Spring Touch a call today for individual pricing.