• Powdery Mildew


    Grass looks as though it is sprinkled with flour. Kentucky bluegrass and shade areas are the most susceptible. Grass will wither and die as a result. 


    • First appears on the leaves as individual tufts of fine, white mycelium. 
    • The tufts enlarge and coalesce, causing the leaves to have grayish-white or powdery appearance.
    • Severely infected turns yellow, then tan and brown in color.
    • Stressed turf that is severely infected can die.
    • Severely infected turf, especially in shaded areas, can become thinned. 

    Conditions Favoring Disease:

    • Favored by humid, cloudy weather with temperatures between 60°F and 72°F.
    • Occurs in areas under stress.
    • Low light and high humidity.
    • Common in areas with poor air circulation, but does not require a film of water to infect turf.