Spider Control

Spiders (Arthropods)

Spiders have eight legs and fangs that inject venom into their prey or they can also use their fangs to bite predators. Most spiders native to Minnesota do not have antennae or extensor muscles to move their limbs and instead they use hydraulic pressure to walk. Spiders can produce silk to build spider webs which they use to catch insects. It's estimated that spiders will feed on 10-30 times their weight in insects each year. Common spiders produce tangled cobwebs, whereas orb weavers will build circular geometric shaped webs. Females will weave silk egg cases which can contain hundreds of eggs. The venom of most spiders found in Minnesota is not particularly dangerous to humans, however arachnaphobia, an abnormal fear of spiders effects 3.5 to 6.1 percent of humans.

Spiders build webs and lay eggs, or they are hunting spiders that roam around. Destroying webs one housekeeping can get web dwellers, that otherwise do not leave the webs. One particularly dreadful spider in Minnesota is the wolf spider, because they are active hunters they roam around, their constant movement and appearance make them quite menacing. They're not known to bite humans unless provoked, but unlike webbed spiders you never know where you might encounter one. It's best to seal the home to protect the indoors and leave nature outside.

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Spring Touch can remove spiders with our perimeter insect control program. One of our trained and certified technicians will apply a safe and effective four-foot barrier around the home to keep insects from getting inside. After the first application spiders will begin to disappear and many kinds of insects will be under control for 28 days or more between applications. For more information call 507-388-9100 or go to our customer assistant website to Get A Free Instant Quote on your perimeter insect control program today.