GreenCare for Troops – Mankato, MN

Hit A Home Run for Military Families

For the past several years, Spring Touch Lawn & Pest Control has been honored to partner with Project EverGreen's GreenCare for Troops to provide military families with free professional lawn care services while a family member is deployed or returned home with a service connected disability.

When Project Evergreen called Nathan Newlands to throw out the first pitch of the Minnesota Twins game on June 2nd, 2018 he welcomed the chance of a lifetime. For Nathan it was a thrilling experience to represent such an outstanding organization in front of thousands of people. After getting the call he went straight to work training with help from his daughter Olivia.

Raising Awareness for GreenCare for Troops

Along with throwing out the first pitch to support Project EverGreen/GreenCare for Troops, we are enlisting our great customers and community to help us raise $10,000 to help military families! All proceeds will go directly through Project EverGreen. Please visit the Project EverGreen website to Donate To This Great Organization today!

GreenCare for Troops Awareness Week is presented by Nufarm, The Toro Company, and Site One Supply.

What is Project Evergreen?

Project EverGreen is a national non-profit group that engages individuals, businesses, and communities to create a greener, healthier, cooler Earth. This is done through the creation, renovation and revitalization of yards, parks, recreational playing surfaces and other green spaces that represent the lungs of the community and result in healthier happier people.

What is GreenCare for Troops?

Spring Touch Lawn & Pest Control is partnered with Project Evergreen's GreenCare for Troops to give free professional lawn care services to families of actively deployed military personnel and post-9/11 disabled veterans with a service connected disability.

How Can I Donate to GreenCare for Troops?

Spring Touch Lawn & Pest Control has set a goal to raise $10,000 for GreenCare for Troops in 2018. If you wish to donate please go to the GreenCare for Troops Donation Page. All proceeds go to Project Evergreen, it costs roughly $50 every time a military family is matched with a GreenCare for Troops volunteer.

Can I Get GreenCare for Troops in Mankato, MN?

Spring Touch Lawn & Pest Control is currently the only provider of GreenCare for Troops professional lawn care or snow removal services to residents of Mankato, MN and St. Peter, MN. If you or a family are an actively deployed service member or disabled veteran with a service connected disability contact Spring Touch Lawn & Pest Control to schedule your complementary lawn care program today.

How Many Families Will Be Served, How Can They Apply?

Each year Spring Touch Lawn & Pest Control sponsors three military families. To apply to be a GreenCare for Troops military family You'll first need to register online at the Project EverGreen website or call Project EverGreen's Ki Matsko at 888-611-2955 or e-mail kimatsko@projectevergreen.com.

What Other Types of Programs Does Project EverGreen Run?

Project EverGreen currently manages the following programs: GreenCare for Troops, SnowCare for Troops, "Healthy Turf. Healthy Kids.", and the Environmental Communicator of the Year Award.

What are the Environmental Benefits of Maintaining Green Spaces?

When cared for properly, healthy lawns and landscapes do numerous good things for the environment, including reducing erosion, filtering pollutants from water, providing natural cooling and providing cleaner air. Visit the Project EverGreen website to learn more about the environmental benefits of maintained lawns and landscapes, and see how you can get started with Project EverGreen, supporting military families and our nation's local communities.

What are the Economic Benefits of Maintaining Green Spaces?

Green spaces benefit the economy in many ways. Research shows businesses benefit from green spaces and that landscaping can renew business districts, attract new businesses, and increase retail activity. Attractively landscaping with flowers and greenery is also a sure way to improve property value of any neighborhood. Visit the Project Evergreen website to read more about the economic benefits of green spaces and how you can support Project Evergreen by contributing your money or time in your community.

What are the Lifestyle Benefits of Maintaining Green Spaces?

Among the many benefits of well-maintained landscaping are increased community appeal, lower crime rates, and increased privacy and tranquility. Plants lower blood pressure, reduce muscle tension related to stress, improve attention, and reduce feelings of fear and anger or aggression. Visit the Project EverGreen website for more information on the lifestyle benefits of green spaces and consider becoming a volunteer or making your contribution with a donation to GreenCare for Troops today.

Project EverGreen GreenCare for Troops Awareness

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It's In The Numbers

  • 1 - White House Joining Forces Initiative Award
  • 12 - The Number of years GreenCare for Troops has been helping families of deployed military personnel
  • 50 - States in which there are registered military families and volunteer contractors
  • 2006 - The year GreenCare for troops was launched
  • 6,000 - Number of volunteer contractors that have registered to provide services through GreenCare for Troops
  • 11,000 - Number of military families who have registered for GreenCare for Troops since program's inception
  • 200,000 - Estimated number of U.S. military personnel deployed overseas
  • 3.6 million - Number of veterans with a service-related disability needing assistance with day-to-day household and lifestyle assistance services
  • $8 million - Estimated value of in-kind services provided to military families and veterans through GCFT since the program's inception