Nutsedge Control

yellow nutsedge - cyperus esculentus

Yellow Nutsedge (Cyperus Esculentus)

Yellow nutsedge is a grassy weed that can be extremely resilient. A hand pulled nutsedge plant can regrow several times per year and reproduce several thousands of tubers during a single growing season. Nutsedge reproduces by seeds, creeping rhizomes, and tubers. Nutsedge has distinct lime green color compared to turfgrasses, and spikelets with clusters of four flat oval seeds.

Facts About Nutsedge:

  • Tubers, called tiger nuts, are one of the primary ingredients in horchata, a milky spanish beverage.
  • Nutsedge can produce up to 2420 seeds per plant and are often mistaken for grasses.
  • Nutsedge are often mistaken for grass, but they are actually belong to the family of sedges.
  • Yellow nutsedge was grown as food by ancient egyptions and indigenous peoples dating back to before 6,000 BC.
yellow nutsedge - cyperus esculentus
yellow nutsedge - cyperus esculentus
yellow nutsedge - cyperus esculentus

It's important detect nutsedge early, hand removal is not recommended because its easy for the root system to remain intact. Nutsedge has a root system that will grow back quickly when hand pulled. By competing for light, water, and nutrients nustsedge can reduce the vigor of nearby plants. Selective postemergent herbicides can be used to stop nutsedge from spreading. Granular fertilizers and liquid weed control applications will also help turfgrass dominate the lawn and prevent undesirable weeds.

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Spring Touch offers our customers a customized lawn care program. The program can use professional control methods, organic products, or a hybrid professional/organic approach. Note that the organic lawn care program does not provide weed control. The recommended treatment for nutsedge is a selective preemergent or postemergent herbicide for grassy weeds. Expect results to take at least 3-4 treatments per year to achieve nutsedge control on your lawn. Spring Touch recommends our 6 step lawn care program to remove nutsedge and thicken up your existing turf lawn. For more information call 507-388-9100 or go to our customer assistant website to get a free instant quote on your lawn care program today.